SWOT Analysis of NETFLIX

SWOT Analysis of NETFLIX


Strengths describe the factors which the organization is good at and what separates it from its competitors. -BRAND IMAGE: through years, Netflix has managed to construct a strong brand name and became a brand for the clients for on-line media streaming. -ORIGINAL CONTENT: Netflix’s continues to be making its own content which has been its biggest advantage thus far. Netflix supplies Its services in Canada, India, US, Australia, South Africa and curates its content foundation the region it operates. The caliber of the movies/series which Netflix has been generating is crap breaking and this really is the only reason it’s enjoyed by one and all.

-TECHNOLOGY: With a subscriber base of 137 million ++ customers, the company’s main strategy is to grow its subscription business domestically and internationally. Netflix has developed an ecosystem to be used on several different Internet connected devices, such as televisions, computers, and mobile devices. All this was possible due to the strong technology backend that Netflix has.


Weaknesses stop a company from performing at its best level. They’re areas where the company needs to improve to stay competitive: -HUGE DEBT: Netflix operates in around 190++ nations, producing and diversifying the content for these many countries necessitates money and this has resulted in adding a debt of $21.59 Billion. 

Having a debt of magnitude is certainly one of the biggest weaknesses of the business and it ought to look outside to clean it out as soon as possible. REFRESHMENT OF THE CONTENT LIBRARY: Since Netflix is producing its own content, the need to maintain its content library updated becomes the prime significance for the brand. It is subscribers demand content every now and then that is the only real task that Netflix has to keep on satisfying regularly.


Threats refer to factors having the potential to damage an organization from the future. Given the facts, threats make the brand a far sighted opinion about the issues the brand is very likely to confront in the future, it’s probably the most crucial factors from the SWOT Analysis of Netflix. 

-COMPETITIVE PRESSURE: Competition in companies such as Amazon, Hulu YouTube to provide original excellent content is growing and each brand is fighting hard to get the big chunk of the market shared. Facebook is a new kid from the block that’s hoping to enter within this section. -GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS: Taking into consideration the content which Netflix produces, government regulations may create problems.


Opportunities refer to factors that the organization may use to your advantage to increase your market share, revenue, brand recognition etc. It is the second most essential aspect in. -Exploration to other geographies: With the vast content library which Netflix has, expanding to other geographies is among the biggest opportunity for Netflix. -PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: To be able To gain a foothold in new regions, Netflix can explore unique partnerships with telecommunication partners, channel partners.