Lease Rental Discounting Loan (LRD)

Lease Rental Discounting is a term loan provided against receipts derived from lease contracts with tenants. The loan is provided to the lessor based on the discounted value of the rentals as well as the inherent property value. It’s another process to obtain finance from a bank or other financial institute or institutes that are committing. Lease Rent Discount consideration is between the debtor that own the premises, the tenant who has leased the said premises or taken on lease as well as the bank or financial institute or Corporate Enterprise. The rent is considered as fixed income over a stipulated time called Lease period or duration of lease agreement.

The agreement is between the lender and borrower and the significant term of repayment would be the rent that is directly deposited with the lender and not with the debtor. The Borrower is sanctioned a loan based upon the rent to be accumulated over the period of lease.


LRD: Key Features & Benefits

Loan AmountLoan Amount: Under LRD we serve clients from 1 to 200 Crores

DurationDuration: You can get LRD up to 15 years, long term solution.

Interest rate on LRDInterest Rate: We make sure our clients get the best possible Interest rate for LRD.

Top up on LRDTop-Up: We help get Top-Up funding over and above the existing LRD.

Key Documents for Lease Rental Discounting


Lease Rental Agreement Lease Rental Agreement

Audited Financials Audited Financials & ITR

Bank StatmentBank Statement of last 12 months

Eligibility for lease rental discounting.

Owner of the property is eligible who has Leased it to Private Sector Enterprises, Public Sector Enterprises, Semi Govt Enterprises, Credible Companies Example: Private Hospitals, Banks, Warehouses etc…