Working Capital Loan | Business loan in Bangalore

Working Capital Loan in Bangalore

Working Capital Loan by Redwood Syndicate help you navigate this dynamic market, identifying which lenders are open for business and in which sectors, revealing pockets of untapped liquidity and helping our clients target their efforts gainfully. Our team comprises of former bankers, Chartered Accountants, project finance specialists.

Working Capital Advisory & Placement:

Assessing debt capacity and providing advice on appropriate capital structure.

Evaluating existing loan agreements, lending arrangements and covenant packages.

Identifying and approaching prospective new lenders.

Advising and developing marketing material to present the credit story to debt stakeholders.

Managing competitive funding rounds with multiple parties to negotiate and extract the best terms possible.

Advice and support with regards to renegotiation and restructuring of facilities.

Related advisory services such as financial modelling and valuations.

Salient Features of Term Loan

Most important features of Term Loan are as below:

  1. These are secured loans backed by collateral.
  2. Structured term loan can be availed under multiple banking arrangements.
  3. As the name suggest these are time bound and repayment in as per schedule.
  4. Term loans usually based on purpose and fund utilisation.
  5. Tenure and Rate of interest are based on clients credit worthiness.
  6. Maximum tenure is upto 10 years under normal circumstances and can be structured upto 15 years.
  7. Based on project characteristics reasonable EMI holiday period can be availed.
  8. In case of structured term loans repayments are designed as per proposed cash flows.

Our Product Expertise:

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Overdraft/ Cash Credit

Term Loan

Term Loans

Bill Discounting

Bill Discounting 

Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit 

If you are contemplating a fund-raising exercise or in discussions to refinance existing working capital/Term Loan facilities, we would be delighted to discuss how we can help.