Cold Storage Project Finance

Cold Storage Project Finance

Cold Storage Project Finance

Cold Storage Project Finance, each Project is unique and developed based on it’s Economical & Ongoing concern probabilities. Capital structure include Equity and Debt components in a serviceable and viable proposition. The Debt/Equity ratio is key part of overall capital structure when it comes to varies projects based on Risk Assessment of each project.

Generally all the assets created out of Project funding are hypothecated to the respective lender along with cash flow the project generates to effectively service the project finance raised. Furthermore, based on case to case adequate moratorium period can be availed until reasonable time within which the project starts generating cash flows, during moratorium period usually interest is served.

Redwood Syndicate specializes on Project Finance which are dependent on large-scale financing options from leading lenders. Redwood Syndicate works with relevant banks and financial institutions to achieve the set objective of raising project finance for it’s clients, our team not only analyses and evaluates the project but also help in arranging the funds for projects. Team Redwood Syndicate comes up with years of experience in Financial Services which enables us to act as a key advisor to our clients who seek project finance. Our work begins with preparing documents such as Financial Modeling & Spreadsheets.

  • What is the Optimum loan facility?
  • Project specific solutions?
  • Preparing entire set of documents?
  • Credit worthiness & Cash Flow analysis?
  • Economical, Technical & Environmental feasibility?
  • End to End Facilitation by Redwood Syndicate

Our Industry Focus:


Auromatics & Fragrance


Commercial Dairy Business

Food Grains


Horticulture with special focus on F&V.


Seed, Crop Protection to Technology in Agriculture.


Organic B2B & B2C.


Integrated Poultry


Food processing

spices and condiments

Spices and Condiments

Key Elements of Cold Storage Project Finance.

Capital Employed

Capital employed, also known as funds employed for the project, is the total amount of capital used for the company for generating set profits by a way of project. It is the value of all the assets employed in a particular project, Employing capital means making investment into the project.

Cost of Capital

Cost of capital is weighted average cost various capital investments which goes into the project, these are means of finance, employed by way of either equity or debt. In other words it is a rate of return the project has to generate to attract to make project feasible for investors.

Financial Modeling

  • Revenue
  • Construction, operating and maintenance costs
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Debt financing
  • Distributions to equity
  • Project IRR

Why Redwood Syndicate?

  • Time bound and right investors as project financers. Time bound and right investors as project financers.
  • Minimising cost of total project with effective measures.Minimising cost of total project with effective measures.
  • Bank on us for expert suggestions.Bank on us for expert suggestions.
  • In House team to examine Financial and Technical feasibility.In House team to examine Financial and Technical feasibility.
  • Efficient and transparent process of fundraising.Efficient and transparent process of fundraising.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients on Agribusiness Consulting.

As per your current capital structure with regards to overall debt to equity ratio in comparison with your industry, business size, stage, financials and business model. Once we understand and evaluate the above factors we provide most suitable advice on Capital Structure.
Financing of a specific commercial project wherein a financier is satisfied with the Project documents as it meets lending institutions criteria, also which fulfills business plan feasibility with adequate collateral, Assets which are going to be created and cash flow projections to evaluate risk. Where in project is financed based on assets created and cash flows to pay back the loan.
Project Feasibility Report. Financial Feasibility study and Projections along with CMA. Drawing the Business Plan. Building Key Management profiles. SWOT Analysis. DPR (Detailed Project Report)
Most of the agricultural business are not ready for effective diligence to attract capital. We consult enterprises to bridge this gap by providing effective business reengineering tools to build strategic business model which is future ready for investment or sale.
Business houses often ask us this question. The answer is in analysing the current and future business prospects with financial outcomes to value it based on systematic approach.
Agribusiness capital requirements are diverse based on area of operation and location. Our inhouse experienced team understands agribusiness verticals and their working capital cycles which help clients prepare for future challenges well in advance.
As we know most of agribusiness are prone to risk based on changes in climatic conditions and supply chain management. We provide insights and strategies on how to maximize bottom line by way of implementing and monitoring their progress.

We would be happy to help you to achieve your Cold Storage Loan proposal.